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Environmental & Sustainable

The FSC certification

Sowinpak has passed the FSC certification. Our supply chain is traceable from raw material to finished product, which is in line with the trend of sustainable development.

Plastic Reduction

The core product of Sowinpak is paper food packaging, which is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging. We have independent R & D capability to develop water-based coatings conform to global plastic reduction actions.


All products of Sowinpak are PFAS-free and food-grade, which is not harmful to the human body.


With the OK Compost certification, Sowinpak can make it easier for you to deal with your waste after use. 


Sowinpak has passed the certificate of Din degradable, which means our products are eco-friendly and user-friendly.

Sustainable Energy

By using renewable solar energy, photovoltaic power generation is an economical and environmentally friendly way to generate electricity. Sowinpak is equipped with 2000 kw photovoltaic power generation equipment. Every year, 2.4 million KWH of solar energy can be used to generate electricity, which can reduce environmental pollution and resource waste while providing resources for factories.

NOx -36t

SO2 -72t

DUST  -652.8 t

COAL 787.2 t

 CO2  -2392.8 t